Tinx - Chipotle


RQ identified Tinx as a genuine Chipotle superfan and nurtured that relationship since 2021, utilizing our in-house creative production team. The partnership has resulted in massive social media value through organic content moments, product partnerships, brand campaigns, and more.

As part of our work with Chipotle, we set out to identify talent (celebrities / creators / influencers) that would be a great fit for the brand. We believe the best creator + brand partnerships are born from genuine love and shared values.

Christina “Tinx” Najjar is one of TikTok’s most beloved creators – the big sister of TikTok, the godmother to Gen Z – and also happens to be one of Chipotle’s biggest fans. Tinx initially caught our eye with organic content featuring Chipotle that she was posting across her social channels. The posts highlighted her love for everything from the avocados to the plastic forks, in the typical Tinx humor.

We tapped Tinx for some paid partnership work, but continued to nurture the relationship on behalf of Chipotle, to deepen brand affinity. For instance, knowing Tinx loved the Ford Bronco, our production team built a custom Chipotle-themed mini toy Bronco for Tinx. Tinx was also involved with brand campaigns such as the e.l.f. x Chipotle makeup line and we continued to provide her with rare Chipotle Goods (swag). Ultimately, we were able to create a long-term influencer partnership and we continue to nurture that relationship today. Most recently we even built Tinx’s cat “Ceviche” his own Chipotle branded playhouse. Ultimately it’s thoughtful, unexpected moments like that, which drive earned media, and deepen the connection.