RQ's Reaction Engine™

A first of its kind tool that merges data, relationships, creativity, and agility. A dynamic engine empowering brands to seamlessly assimilate into the conversations and trends resonating with their customers.

We built, tested and refined a proprietary platform that empowers brands to swiftly and strategically engage with cultural moments, leveraging insights and creativity to organically integrate into current conversations. By strengthening the brand's cultural relevance and resonance, RQ’s Reaction Engine ultimately, increases the brand's cultural currency at scale by fostering authentic connections with audiences in real-time.

To find out more about the unique components that power the engine, and how they were perfected by experts and enhanced by ai, contact us.

Quick and nimble (the way consumers demand)
Smart and values tone & creative
Authentically represents the brand, and prioritizes value
Drives Earned over Paid
Enables a brand to stand out just enough, to deliver an honest connection