LG Instaview - Knock for Beats Experience


Leaning into LG’s InstaView refrigerator’s innovative features, we created an immersive, musical experience in NY’s Oculus Center that encouraged commuters to “Knock Twice and See Inside.”

To kick-off the launch of LG’s InstaView Door-in-Door refrigerator with a “bang”, we tapped into the simple human behavior of knocking to signal our core audience’s innate human drive to learn, know and do more, by creating an experiential activation that literally stopped commuters in their paths, gave pause to tourists to capture a memorable moment, and halted the bustle of NY’s downtown for a few minutes…

We transferred the LG InstaView™ refrigerators into musical instruments and created a musical performance for hundreds of thousands of onlookers at The Oculus – the state-of-the-art World Trade Center Transportation Hub. The performance kicked off with two knocks on the LG InstaView refrigerators’ unique glass panel, which triggered musical renditions of pop songs featuring choreographed routines from performers dressed as everyday passersby, entertaining commuters and shoppers. The experience featured renditions of chart-topping songs from Andrew Huang, a music producer known for creating rhythmic beats with non-traditional instruments, now including LG home appliance innovations. We leveraged social media to amplify the event, with a call to action for followers, influencer content, and a 360-degree video capture of the performance all.