Yung Gravy- Melts are for Me


Pizza Hut and RQ win over Gen Z with a steamy social campaign

Pizza Hut and Yung Gravy - – one of the fastest-rising stars among Gen Z and a social media sensation – to launch the new handheld product, Melts, to a younger audience.

Last fall, Pizza Hut introduced a brand new product. Meant for solo diners, the handheld Melts were marketed to consumers as a product that is not for sharing.

To launch the product to a younger audience, Pizza Hut tapped RQ to create a social campaign that would drive sales of the new product among Gen Z. We partnered with one of the hottest young stars, Yung Gravy, to bring this to life. In a series of social videos, the rapper showed fans that while “pizza is for we”... “Melts are for me.” The campaign leaned into Yung Gravy’s romantic side – a hot topic in pop culture — with an unexpected twist.

Driven by the strength of the creative, the first video reached over 18 million people and outperformed the platform's benchmarks, all in the first 24 hours, while the overall campaign drove trial of the new Melts product, and resulted in same-store sales growth in the quarters that followed.

But we didn’t stop there. The partnership continued on his sold-out US tour. We made sure he and his crew had Melts and other Pizza Hut favorites ready as a pre-show dinner, in the green room, and as a late-night snack on the tour bus. Yung Gravy’s DJ, Tiiiiip, even brought Pizza Hut on stage during several shows. We also fed thousands of excited young fans waiting in line in cities like Los Angeles, Dallas, Chicago, and Philadelphia – taking the partnership to a new level, creating core memories for fans, and satisfying a literal hunger. Gen Z will forever associate Pizza Hut with their favorite artist.